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Here is everything you wanted to know about me.

Let me know if you have other questions!

FAQ Sexy


Birthday: September 26, 1981 (Libra)


Height: 5’2”


Weight: 99lbs


Tatoo: None


Measurements: 33B-23-34


Shoe Size: 5 (I love Hello Kitty Type shoes!)


My Home Town: Tokyo, Japan


My Boy Friend: Tenn (Tenn 天 means “Angel” in Japanese)


My Car: Volkswagen New Beetle


My Hair Style: Full Bangs (slightly above my eyebrows)


My Color: Pink! I like Girly!


My Morning Routine: Starts with saying “Good Morning” to Tenn


My Manager: Boo-san


My Favorite Sport: What I do in front of cameras


My Dream: To be an AVN winner



FAQ Sexy


1. What is your favorite position in bed?

- Missionary with a little choking, because I like having close eye contacts and a little passion.


2. What is your least favorite position in bed?

 Cow girl or reverse.  I am a Japanese girl – we are not into leading in bed.


3. What is your favorite toy?

 Hitachi.  What else?  I am a Japanese girl, lol.


4. What makes you cum?

 - Choking, being in the public space.


5. What is your least favorite type of guy?

 Guys who expects to have porn sex off camera.  I want to say to them, “Relax, this is not porn, there is no pay, no paperwork!”


6. What is your sexual fantasy?

 - I think I’ve already tried just about everything there is in front of the camera at work, so I want to try having a normal sex like a real lover.


7. Which do you prefer, “hard” or “Soft” sex?

 - That’s a secret.  I like to please all my fans by working with all companies.


8. Which do you prefer, American or Japanese guys?

 The nationalities don’t matter to me.  What matters is their personalities.


9. What do you think of black dicks?

 I love them.  Black guys are very gentle – it’s like being feed a long chocolate to a kid ☺


10. What’s your favorite way of masturbating?

 I am submissive, quiet and shy in my private life, but I do like to take a little risk… so I like to masturbate while being dominated by a man.



FAQ General


1. What is your favorite pass time?

 - Cuddling with my kitty on my bed.


2. What is your least favorite time?

 - Being in the LA traffic.  Not too many Japanese girls drive in Tokyo where I’m from.


3. What is your most recent obsession?

 - Working out and practicing pole dancing.  I started it because I need to be a better feature dancer… but most Japanese guys don’t like muscular girls, so I had to kkep my body soft & tiny like a doll when I was working as a porn star in Japan.


4. What are your favorite words in English?

 - Cute • Innocent • School Girl • Niga • “I book you”


5. What is your least favorite words in English?

 - Cancel • Paperwork • Almost Sick • Bruise


6. What will you do if you make a million dollors?

 - Buy a house and continue my happy life with good friends


7. Which country are you interested in visiting that you have never been to?

 - Spain.  My best friend Samia is from Spain.  She always tells me how wonderful it is, and I want to try lots of authentic Spanish food!


8. What do you want to do if you had some spare time?

 - Go  back to Japan more frequently.


9. What was your dream 10 years ago?

 - Same as now, to be in front of Camera.


10. Where would you like to be 10 years from now?

 - Still in the porn industry, maybe as a directing school girl videos, lol, or star as a MILF.


11. What kind of men do you like?

 - Sweet, free-spirited and a little crazy like most pornstars.  I like leaders, not followers.


12. What do you like to do when you are out on a date?

 - Shopping, eating, go to the movies, hang out at his house, etc. Nothing extraordinary.


13. What are you thinking about when you are doing a shoot?

 - Worried about speaking dialogues in English correctly


14. What do you do after the shoot?

 - Update my twitter with my co-stars, the clean up my pussy & ass.


15. What do you do before shoot?

 - Spend lots of time going over the paperwork in English.  That’s sometimes much harder than doing the shoot for me, lol.


16. What do you consider when you are stating something new?

 - If it will be fun or boring


17. Why did you come to the USA?

 - Because I always want to try something new.


18. How did you become a pornstar?

 - The biggest Porn production company in Japan held a big contest called “Cinderella Audition”.  The winner would receive an exclusive contract to be featured in both porn and main stream media. I won the contest and worked for them exclusively as their Cinderella for a few years.


19. Which company is your favorite?

 -I love all them.  It’s hard to pick one because each company is good at different things, some are good for rough sex, others offer good scripts, etc.  Perhaps a good answer would be “Penthouse” since I am a Penthouse Pet.







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